Full Week Faith: Stories That Heal

FWF candleUUS:E’s ministry theme for February, 2015 is brokenness. We explore this theme every couple of years. We think this theme is important, not because we believe people are somehow inherently broken and in need of a cosmic fix, but because we recognize that sometimes we feel broken and we long to feel whole. 


Rev. Josh and Acting Director of Religious Education, Gina Campellone, would like to recommend the following three resources for those times when we feel broken and long to feel whole. 


Healing Stories: Picture Books for the Big and Small Changes in a Child’s Life is a blog from psychologist,  Jaqueline Golden, that recommends books to help children deal with challenging situations.

Remembering Your Power to Heal, is the website and blog from psycho-oncologist, Rachel Naomi Remen, whose healing stories show up in UUS:E worship from time to time. 

In an article entitle“Our Ability to Break Keeps Us Alive,” which appeared in the UU World Magazine in the summer of 2010, David Pyle talks about the value of sharing our pain and brokenness with others. He says “through sharing we learn that we are not alone.”

We invite you to check out these resources when you have a chance. Share what you learn with a family member or friend.