Financial Challenges at UUS:E

November   14, 2022

Dear UUS:E Members and Friends:

We are writing to share information and concerns regarding financial challenges currently facing UUS:E.

Over the last decade, we have planned for yearly budget shortfalls and drawn down reserves to cover gaps. In typical years, our actual shortfalls have always been significantly smaller than budgeted. However, this year, for the first time in over a decade, we anticipate our budget shortfall will be larger than anticipated. There are multiple reasons for this situation. Furthermore, in addition to a larger than anticipated deficit in the current year, we are now learning that we have a significant shortfall in reserves for future building maintenance and repair costs.

The UUS:E Policy Board and Finance Committee are currently studying this situation in detail, and our plan is to candidly share reliable information with members and friends once the study is completed. We will hold an informational session for the congregation on Sunday, January 8th after the 11:00 AM service. Please mark your calendars! That meeting will focus on UUS:E’s financial status and may also include a “special ask” related either to closing this year’s deficit or to the need for increasing our capital reserves for building and grounds repair and maintenance.

It is important that everyone knows about the financial shortfall as part of the pledging process and making judgments about spending at UUS:E.

We thank you for being part of our welcoming, liberal religious community.  It is through our members and friends that we are able to strive for a just and caring world.

With love,

Peggy J Webbe, President            Glenn Campellone, Acting Treasurer                   Rev. Josh Pawelek, Minister