February Green Tip

Hands and SeedlingDoes your family seem to go through a lot of rolls of toilet tissue? If so, you may have wondered what you can do with them besides putting them in the recycling bin. Here’s an idea for those of you who garden: Turn those tubes into seed starting pots. You can also use paper towel rolls cut into thirds for this. Simply cut 4 equally spaced slits in one end so that you end up with four tabs. Fold them over, and with luck you can tuck the last one in to hold them snug. A dab of glue will also work to hold that last tab. Now you have a little container that you can fill with dirt, add seeds and watch them grow. Use a marker to label what you’ve planted. When it’s time to plant, just pop them in the garden soil, opening up the bottom a bit to let the roots expand. For a more complete pictorial explanation, plus some other ideas, go to http:// thegreendivas.com/2013/01/10/green-diva-mizars-easy-diy-clever-re-use-of-toilet-paper-rolls/

While we’re on the gardening topic, we’re looking for people who like to garden. There’s lots to be done in Hal’s Garden come April. Let the RE program or anyone on the Sustainable Living Committee to volunteer.