Winter Goods & Services Auction

We have leftovers, no chili, but a few great offerings that might just make your year more exciting and interesting. 

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Chili Cook-off 2020

 “Spice up Winter” Goods and Services Auction
with the Third Annual Chili Cook-Off

 Date: January 25, 2020, 5 PM

Raise money! Raise the temperature! Raise a ruckus!!

Whose chili is the spiciest? The beefiest? The veganist? Absolutely the yummiest?

Enter your best batch in the Cook-Off to win championship bragging rights for the coming year. Enjoy a FREE dinner of chili, salad, bread, and dessert … vote for your favorite chili … and bid on the unique (and affordable) auction items like …

  • Meals, game nights and illustrated travelogues in members’ homes
  • Hikes, kayak excursions, bike tours and other outdoor activities
  • Practical services like weeding, dog sitting, airport rides, dump runs
  • Pickles, breads, gluten-free cookies, jams and other goodies
  • And services at your favorite hair salons, restaurants, and theaters
  • More ideas below!

Items start as low as $5!

We will see you at the auction.

Do you have something to offer?
Be Creative! Make your offering fun and build community at UUS:E!

To donate after January 16th, contact Jennifer Klee at [email protected].

Ideas for Donations:


  • Organize a progressive dinner with friends near you: guests have a great time moving from house to house for each dinner course.
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Wine tasting party
  • Homemade desserts
  • Get together with friends and throw a picnic for 50 people in the park.
  • Brunch for 6


  • Game parties: Trivia Pursuit, Scrabble, or Solve a Mystery Murder over Dinner
  • Pick your favorite show/movie/sporting event and organize a party around that theme
  • Craft parties: egg decorating, Christmas crafts, gingerbread houses, model building …
  • Give game, concert or theater tickets



Teach your hobby or share a passion
in your life with others:

  • Dance lessons, Yoga instructions, Knitting
  • Musical instrument lessons
  • Teach Orienteering and then have a competition
  • Organize a nature hike, bird watching, or  teach fly fishing.
  • Have a “build a fairy garden” party


  • Flowering shrubs, Original artwork, or Antiques


  • Landscape design, house cleaning, leaf raking,
    Rototillering, or baby sitting
  • Golf lessons
  •  hours of Piano Playing or harp music