Helping at the Holiday Fair

Lend a Hand! Ways to help at the Holiday Fair—

When in doubt, email Fair Chair Desiree at [email protected] to offer your time or your stuff.

What to Donate & Who to Ask about It

It’s time to craft, create, bake, and assemble your stuff!

We sell all sorts of things at the fair, from beautiful, handcrafted pieces to fabulous finds from your attic, vintage jewelry to cookies.

Used/Vintage Items

Jewelry: Peggy Webbe and Diana Sherman ([email protected], [email protected]) will take your donations NOW. Drop off box is in the coatroom. Please label and focus on items of value.

Books: Hardcover and “Trade Paperbacks” only please. Be kind! Sort and dust your books before you drop them off. If they’re in bad shape, throw them out at home. Contact Dottie Keating ([email protected]).

Tag Sale: Don’t use it any more? Let someone else! We need LOTS of items in good condition and are especially looking for a few high ticket items. Contact Sandy Karosi and Deb Gould ([email protected], [email protected]).

Children’s Books, Games, Small Toys, Puzzles: The kids love to shop for treasures. Contact Peggy Gagne at [email protected].

Donations of books, tag sale items, children’s items, etc., will be accepted after the services on Nov. 13 and Monday through Wednesday (9 a.m. to 8 p.m.). For everything else, please contact the area coordinators.

Handcrafts & Arts

Original Works of Art: whatever you make, note cards, prints, pottery, jewelry. Talk to Nancy Madar. ([email protected])

Handmade Holiday Crafts or Traditional Items: Talk to Louisa Graver. ([email protected])

Sewn & Knitted Items: Contact Phil Sawyer ([email protected] ) or Carol Marion ([email protected]).

Pride Shop Items: We’re looking for anything that shows pride and allyship…and a volunteer to head this area. Email [email protected]!

Woodworking: Contact Bill Graver at [email protected].

Silent Auction: If you have something you think might be right for the auction, contact Mary Ellen Vigeant ([email protected])


Jams & Jellies: Contact Cory Clark ([email protected]). Please let her know what and how many you plan to donate.

There are LOTS of opportunities to bake!

We need Friday night dessert bakers (a recipe will be provided).

New! No luncheon this year (Covid) but we will sell refreshments & desserts on Saturday, so we need pies, cakes, crisps, etc.

The bake shop will need its usual cookies, breads and fruit breads, pies, etc. We are still mulling over the best/safest way to sell cookies.

Contact Jennifer Klee ([email protected]) for all things food related.


Help Wanted!

Need a job? We’ve got plenty!

Starting Now

Organize the After Party: We need a volunteer to take this on!

Help put up signs.

Tell your friends all about it! Share facebook posts, email the flyer.

Sunday, November 13

12:30 – 2 p.m.

Set up tables

Pack up the Garden Level

Start bringing in your donations of books, tag sale & children’s shop items.

During the week of Nov. 13 to 18

Help with Book Shop: Talk to Dottie Keating

Help with Tag Sale Boutique: Talk to Sandy Karosi and Deb Gould

Children’s Shop: Talk to Peggy Gagne

Any amount of time you can give is great.

Friday Night, November 18

Sneak Peek open from 6:30 to 9 p.m.

Greeters in Lobby

Serve Refreshments

Sales in All Areas

Clean Up

Saturday, November 19

Doors Open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Greeters in Lobby

Sell Refreshments

Sales in All Areas


3 p.m. til it’s done

Clean Up: This is a great time for some fresh legs to arrive! If you can’t help any other time, please think about coming at the end to help then!

Set up Garden Level for RE

Contact [email protected] with any questions, suggestions or offers to help!