Essential Reading for Unitarian Universalists

From Rev. Josh:

Rev. Leslie Takahashi and members of the UUA’s Commission on Institutional Change

Dear Ones:
I have been spending the last few days at (online) Ministry Days, the gathering for UU clergy in advance of the General Assembly. One of the most significant milestones we are celebrating is the publication of the final report from the UUA’s Commission on Institutional Change (CoIC), entitled “Widening the Circle of Concern.” CoIC was formed in the wake of the UUA’s hiring controversy in 2017. Under the leadership of my colleague, the Rev. Leslie Takahashi, CoIC has completed a comprehensive review of a variety of UUA and UU structures and practices with the goal of transforming our own white supremacy culture. The report makes numerous recommendations, many of them for congregations. The CoIC report is essential reading for all Unitarian Universalists. We need to take these recommendations to heart. I urge all UUS:E members and friends to take time this summer to read the report in its entirety. I look forward to a robust UUS:E dialogue later in 2020 about how our congregation can begin implementing the recommendations.

Here it is:

With love and abiding faith, 

–Rev. Josh