Ecological Landscape Team

News from the Ecological Landscape Team Vernal Spring

Take a stroll down the recently completed path to the spring. Stop and meditate in our outdoor Peace Garden. We are a group dedicated to beautifying the grounds with hardy, native, non-invasive plants and innovative landscaping tech­niques, e.g., roof water is trapped in rain barrels and rain gardens.

Our goal is to use plants adapted to the local environment, rather than to spend time, excess water and chemicals correcting soil conditions. On the grounds of UUS:E we are challenged by a variety of mini-environments, from the desert of the sunny slope near the parking lot to the lush wetlands in the woods near the spring. Each area has needed a unique combination of plants and care.

Check out our calendar of activities.

Feel free to join the team and help in our endeavors to create a sustainable, welcoming environment. Contact [email protected] or call 860-646-5151 for more information.