Don’t Cut HUSKY Parents

Rhona Cohen training Members of the UUS:E Social Justice Committee attended a lobbying effort in support of HUSKY parents at Connecticut’s Legislative Office Building on Wednesday, May 22nd. The goal of the action, organized by the Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Health Care, was to draw attention to the plight of HUSKY parents living between 133% 1nd 185% of the federal poverty line. These parents currently receive their health insurance through Connecticut’s health care public option, HUSKY. Governor Malloy has proposed cutting funding to these HUSKY parents–a move that would impact 37,000 CT families–and direct them to purchase their health insurance on CT’s new health care exchange. While this is a reasonable idea on its face, the cost of health care for these families would rise from between $600 to $1800 per year, even with federal subsidies. Many of these families would simply not be able to afford such an increase. While the Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Health Care supports the new health care exchange and wants to see it succeed, it does not feel cutting HUSKY parent funding will achieve the goal of health care for all. On the contrary, it will make health care more difficult–if not impossible–to obtain for the parents in 37,000 families who currently have access to it. If you feel moved, please urge your CT legislator not to support a budget that includes funding for HUSKY parents.