December’s Coffeehouse

The UUS:E Sanctuary walls were ringing with pre-holiday cheer Saturday night when lots and lots of folks came out to share in our Coffeehouse bliss.

We can’t give you the full run down, because there were many excellent performances, but a few highlights are in order!

Dan Thompson and Sandy Johnson brought humorous life to “Baby It’s Cold Outside”; Doug Pease gave us an early holiday gift of joy as he jammed with a new comer on his harmonicas; Nancy Parker and Nancy Thompson hit home runs with their free writes on Sacred Places; a guitar duet by the very talented “Jazz Cats” transported listeners far and wide; poet Suzanne Haugh knocked our socks off with a poem written for her daughter about dancing; Cory Clark was on fire with her word-warrior response to last month’s spotlight poet Chris Sims; and Al Benford was cajoled into leading us in a crowd pleasing night ending sing-a-long.

We could go on about more inspired performances, but instead we encourage you to come out and experience the uplifting energy for yourself.

Check out the UUS:E Shutterfly site to watch a super-speed video of the Coffeehouse! (If you need the password, please call our office at 860+646-5151 or email [email protected]).

Next month we want to issue a special invitation to our youth and young adult friends and members. What better time to come share stories and songs and community? We are optimistically calling the January 5th Coffee House the YOUTH INVASION!  Spread the word!