December Green Tip

Sustainability for the holidays is a goal many of us have. Here are a few ways to achieve it: Increase a child’s curiosity about the natural world by giving an ant farm or science related kit, a museum membership or a visit to a farm. For adults and teens, instead of material gifts purchase a service, tickets to an event, camping trips, dance or other lessons, dinners out, massages or a gift certificate for locally produced products. You might make a gift of food or write a poem or decorate pottery. Equal Exchange, Ten Thousand Villages and SERRV are socially conscious gift companies. Gifts of farm animals, portions of a well and many other types of charitable gifts are available from Heifer International ( and World Vision. When stuffing stockings you can use nuts and fruits, and for wrapping gifts use newspaper, cloth and saved ribbon. Holiday lights should be LEDs and/or used in moderation. It’s possible to send electronic greetings ( or but if that is not your taste consider cards from recycled paper or postcards. There are many choices for recycled and eco-friendly gifts online. You may even end up repurposing something yourself and reducing what goes into the waste stream.