Covid Protocols for March 2022

At its February, 2022 meeting, the UUS:E Policy Board established updated Covid guidelines.  In summary, starting March 6, 2022, UUS:E will follow these guidelines:

  • Total attendance for each Sunday service is 60 people.
  • People attending will not need to call ahead to pre-register.
  • Once capacity has been reached, a sign will be posted outside the entry door announcing this.
  • Indoor masking is required for everyone except under age two.
  • Masks won’t be required of speakers at the pulpit, and those singing or playing wind instruments.
  • Waivers may be requested to be considered by the Board.
  • Vaccinations and boosters are strongly recommended for all those who wish to come to the meeting house for any reason.
  • All people working directly with children will be required to be fully vaccinated.
  • Refreshments will not be served.