Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Interfaith Store

On the second Sunday of every month, the Sustainable Living Committee sells coffee, tea, chocolate and olive oil from the Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Interfaith Store. All product descriptions below are from the interfaith store website.

Why do we do this? Through our Equal Exchange Interfaith store, our congregation can enjoy delicious fairly-traded products while supporting small-scale farmers across the world. Farmers earn a fair price for their products, have access to affordable credit and can invest in education, health care and sustainable agriculture, enabling them to build a better future for their families.

Everything we sell is organic unless it is not offered, such as with the flavored coffees. And these are shade-grown coffees, which are much more environmentally viable than the alternative. We also serve fair-trade, organic, shade-grown coffee after Sunday services and all-church events.


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Olive Oil


Coffee Descriptions

The strength of a coffee depends upon its ratio of grounds to coffee. On the other hand, the roast blend of a coffee is about flavor. The Roasts in our Equal Exchange coffees are mentioned below are:

Medium Roast (the lightest roast here, closest to an American roast)
Full City Roast (the beans are roasted to a rich brown color and the coffee begins to acquire a slightly bittersweet “burnt” flavor with a variety of subtle flavors detectable)
Vienna Roast (the beans are roasted to a moderate dark brown color and the coffee is bittersweet with a heavier body)
French Roast (the beans are roasted to dark brown color and the coffee has deep burnt undertones with most of the subtle nuances faded into the deeper flavor)
Espresso: If you wish to make your own espresso, choose the beans with a roast that will offer you the flavor you prefer. Grind the beans to a very fine grind and then run them through your espresso machine.

Organic Decaf – 12 oz (whole bean or ground) $8.50
This Organic Decaf Coffee has all the richness of our Organic Breakfast Blend, a full-bodied coffee with a sweet nutty and vanilla flavor. Try this Full City Roast coffee over ice for a proper chill-out.

Aroma: vanilla, toasted almond cookies, fresh maple syrup, spicy
Flavor: balanced, vanilla, spicey, carmelized sugar
Mouthfeel: smooth, honey-like
Acidity: citrusy, bright
Aftertaste: walnut, toasty

Flavored Hazelnut Creme Decaf – 12 oz (ground) $9.00
Medium roast coffee with an enticing nutty aroma & a creamy rich hazelnut flavor. Naturally decaffeinated.

Flavored Hazelnut Creme – 12 oz (ground) $8.00
Medium roast coffee with an enticing nutty aroma & a rich hazelnut flavor.

Flavored French Vanilla – 12 oz (ground) $8.00
Medium roast coffee with a rich vanilla flavor.

Organic Mind Body & Soul – 12 oz (whole bean or ground) $7.50
This smooth and balanced blend of light and dark roasts perfectly captures flavorful notes of cocoa and vanilla. Enjoy the subtly delicious traditional flavors of chocolate and spice in this triumphant blend of coffees. Post-Roast Blend: Medium and Vienna Roasts.

Aroma: butterscotch, vanilla custard, pecans, milk chocolate
Flavor: balanced, cocoa, caramelized sugar, malt
Mouthfeel: weighty and thick
Acidity: light sparkle
Aftertaste: dark chocolate, walnut, brown sugar

Organic Breakfast Blend – 12 oz (whole bean or ground) $7.50
The Interfaith Store’s most popular coffee. A blend of light and dark roasts with sparkling acidity and flavorful notes of floral, citrus and chocolate. You’re in for a real morning treat with Organic Breakfast Blend! This smooth, but lively coffee is a blend of beans from small farmer co-operatives. Delicious notes of baked brownie and citrus make Organic Breakfast Blend a coffee that can be enjoyed from dawn ‘til dusk! Try baking a warm coffee cake with your Breakfast Blend – the perfect treat to wake up to! Post-Roast Blend: Medium and French Roasts.

Aroma: vanilla, pecans, syrupy
Flavor: balanced, sweet, baked brownie
Mouthfeel: dense and expansive
Acidity: gentle and refined
Aftertaste: sweet, roasted cocoa nibs

Organic French Roast – 10 oz (whole bean or ground) $7.50
For those who favor the rich flavor of a dark roast coffee, our Organic French Roast is the coffee of choice. Rich and full bodied, we use the freshest green coffee and transform it into this beauty. A classic name for an elegant incarnation. Deliciously crafted as the seasons change – the profile continues to improve with each passing harvest. If this coffee was a dessert, it would be known as “death by chocolate”! Pre-Roast Blend: French Roast.

Aroma: smoky, vanilla, almond butter
Flavor: balanced, sweet, dark chocolate, smoky, caramelized sugar
Mouthfeel: weighty and thick
Acidity: delicate
Aftertaste: prolonged, bittersweet chocolate

Organic Love Buzz – 10 & 12 oz (whole bean or ground) $7.50
Created by a genius in Philadelphia, this secret recipe delivers a sweet, sultry and smooth coffee with an unexpected bite and lasting finish. A smorgasbord of roasts in a combination of Latin American beans so fine it will make your heart pound. Feel the love! Post-Roast Blend: Full City and French Roasts.

Aroma: toffee, molasses, pipe tobacco, cocoa, cinnamon, brown sugar
Flavor: complex, chocolate, brownies, chocolate covered strawberries, vanilla, winey
Mouthfeel: velvety, fudgy, ganache
Acidity: pronounced
Aftertaste: chocolate, bitter

Organic Ethiopian – 12 oz (whole bean or ground) $7.50
We are proud to introduce this, our first-ever offering from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. Grown in the southern state of Sidamo, this exotic and complex coffee has heavy body, gentle acidity and hints of vanilla, black pepper and raspberry, and lives up to Ethiopian coffee’s well-deserved reputation for excellence. Full City Roast.

Aroma: blueberry, fresh ginger, chocolate
Flavor: complex, black pepper, blueberry, ginger, chocolate, nutmeg
Mouthfeel: thick and creamy
Acidity: sparkling
Aftertaste: prolonged, chocolate, fresh ginger



Tea Descriptions

Each box of tea has 20 bags and is $3.50 each.

Organic Black Tea
You’re different. You take your tea strong, and you take it seriously. Enigmatic in its simplicity, this bold signature brew was made for you.

Organic English Breakfast Tea
This malty, full-bodied cup is a blend of black teas from Sri Lanka and India. A morning tradition, add a splash of milk and sweeten for a truly English experience.

Organic Chai Tea
This exotic brew is infused with a unique blend of spices from Sri Lanka. Add milk and sugar to enhance your experience.

Organic Earl Grey Tea
This tea bursts with the fragrant citrus notes of bergamot. Add a lemon wedge for extra zest and enjoy it as you brave the challenges of your day.

Organic Darjeeling Tea
Experience the headiness of the Himalayas. Sip Slowly and savor this elegant tea which evokes misty mountains and exotic locales. Transcend.

Organic Green Tea
A sultry, soothing blend of green tea leaves and the fragrant essence of jasmine. An elixir for the mind and soul.

Organic Rooibos Tea
Sweet, inviting vanilla accents this red bush tea from South Africa. It’s almost like dessert in a cup. Caffeine free.

Organic Chamomile Tea
Calming Egyptian chamomile soothes the mind and quiets the spirit. Find your inner peace. Caffeine free.

Organic Peppermint Tea
Restore yourself with the invigorating aroma and flavor of peppermint. Cooling and sparkly. Caffeine free.



Chocolate Bar & Cocoa Descriptions

Chocolate Bars are $3.00 each.
Cans of Baking Cocoa are $6.00 each.
Cans of Hot Cocoa Mix are $6.00 each.

Organic Very Dark Chocolate
For a delicious and rich dark chocolate experience try our Fairly Traded Organic Very Dark Chocolate bar. Vegan & gluten-free.

Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds
Try this bar to experience the mouth-watering combination of rich dark chocolate with chunks of organic almonds. Vegan & gluten-free.

Organic Milk Chocolate with a Hint of Hazelnut
Looking for a rich and creamy milk chocolate bar? We’ve got it! Try our Fairly Traded Organic Milk Chocolate bar.

Organic Mint Chocolate with a Delicate Crunch
The crunchy mint chocolate experience you’ve been waiting for—an ideal balance of rich, dark chocolate and light, refreshing mint. Vegan & gluten-free.

Organic Chocolate Espresso Bean
What took us so long?! Try this perfect duo of sweet, rich chocolate and crunchy pieces of roasted Fair Trade coffee beans. Vegan & Gluten free.

Organic Orange Dark Chocolate
This mouth-watering, 65% cacao content chocolate bar is a blend of smooth dark chocolate and ripe, refreshing orange. Vegan & gluten-free.

Organic Dark Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt
Here’s the bar to satisfy both your sweet and salty cravings. Crunchy caramel bits serve as the perfect complement to mouthwatering sea salt crystals. Soy and gluten-free.

Organic Baking Cocoa
Here’s the bar to satisfy both your sweet and salty cravings. Crunchy caramel bits serve as the perfect complement to mouthwatering sea salt crystals. Soy and gluten-free.

Organic Hot Cocoa Mix
Adults and children alike will love our rich and creamy hot cocoa mix. The milk is in the mix – just add hot water to make a delicious cup.



Olive Oil Description

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – $13.00 per bottle

Our extra virgin organic oil is robust and peppery with a strong fruit finish, from a non-profit, non-governmental organization in the West Bank.