Leadership Opportunities

Do you have a passion to communicate? Would you like to grow personally and spiritually through leadership? Can you imagine experiencing leadership as love? Leadership for many at Unitarian Universalist Society: East represents growth, love and moving our beloved community forward.

We are looking for leaders to head our program committees and for officers on our Policy Board.

The following positions are now or soon will be open:

Committees Under Program Council

Social Justice Co-Chair

Lead the Committee in its mission to encourage the broadest possible congregational participation in and financial support for social justice advocacy, service activities and social action, to advocate for, and educate the UUS:E community about, social and economic justice concerns, linking these with Unitarian Universalist principles, and to act as liaison to the UUSC* and interreligious social justice organizations.

*Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Stewardship Chair

Lead Committee meetings and delegate responsibilities to conduct the Annual Appeal and stewarding opportunities for new members throughout the year.

Pastoral Friends Chair

Pastoral Friends helps fulfill our church mission of a caring community. There is joy and fulfillment in generously giving time and caring for others. The Committee provides/facilitates direct services to UUS:E members and friends with short-term needs and refers members to organizations that provide longer-term services. The Committee sponsors/leads the Mental Health Ministry, the Elder Council, and the Circle Groups.

Membership Co-Chair

Lead the Membership Committee in administering programs that promote fellowship among members and friends of the Society, with a goal of strengthening membership and commitment.

Policy Board/Committees Under Policy Board

Vice President

Presides at Program Council (PC) meetings. The PC members are chairpersons of program-related standing committees. The VP acts in the place of the President during his/her absence and performs duties delegated by the President.


Leads the Finance Committee that provides annual budgets, administers the Endowment Fund, maintains financial records and policies and, as a member of the Policy Board, participates in policy making of the Society.

Personnel Chair

Presides at Personnel Committee meetings. The Committee develops and recommends personnel policies, including recruiting, hiring, and termination, employee evaluation, satisfaction and performance standards,  annual salary levels and benefits.

NLDC Member (we need four members)

Recruit leaders, and develop and nurture leadership skills and experiences among UUS:E members and friends. Conduct workshops to train and support current leaders.

Denominational Affairs Chair

The Denominational Affairs Committee informs the congregation on UUA** and New England Region activities and programs and encourages active participation. The Committee sponsors forums for members to discuss, initiate, and support resolutions in accordance with the Commission on Social Witness and those passed at UUA General Assembly.

Please contact a member of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee if you are interested and please suggest someone you think should be considered. Thank you.

** Unitarian Universalist Association