Coffeehouse Community Writing Challenge



Last month’s Coffee House Writing Challenge was such a huge success we want to try it again next month. Join our community writing exercise and then come to the next UUS:E Coffee House and read your work!

Email or call us to join. 860-646-5151 or [email protected]

You will then receive an email/call that contains a creative writing prompt. Look at the prompt when you can write nonstop for 10 minutes. Let your pen fly. Work on it as much as pleases you. It can be prose, poetry, a list, a song, a recipe, a manifesto, basically anything goes.

Choose whether to read it or not at the next UUS:E Coffeehouse the first Saturday of every month. (No Coffeehouse in February)

Enjoy the multiple perspectives and styles as writers take turns sharing their responses through out the evening. It’s a lot of fun! And there will be wonderful music too!

Young adults and older youth also welcome to participate!