Auction Donations from Jerry Lusa

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Guided Canoe or Kayak Tour of a Flooded Forest

Have you ever canoed or kayaked through a corn field? A forest? Every

spring the Connecticut River floods the woods and farms along its banks.
Jerry will lead a guided tour of the flooded areas in Glastonbury starting
from the Point Rd. entrance to the river. One person only if you don’t
have your own kayak or canoe. As many as you can find if they have their
own boats and life jackets. Older children are welcome provided they
have had experience in a canoe or kayak. The date for this event depends
on the river cresting.



Or… How about this?

A handmade wooden Towers of Hanoi mathematical puzzle…

Put on your thinking cap! A Towers of Hanoi is a mathematical puzzle made up of different shaped disks stacked in a cone shape on one of three rods. The object is to move the disks from one rod to another, one disk at a time to recreate the original tower. But there are more rules that make it a great challenge. Jerry made these Towers of Hanoi with a variety of hardwoods. There are six disks with spares for the smallest one. The smallest disks are a choking hazard, so they are not suitable for small children, but they can be omitted and the puzzle still provides plenty of challenge and fun. Instructions are provided, or see



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