Annie Gentile’s Story


I think when you work somewhere a long time, a lot of what you do is on auto-pilot.

While I don’t want to sugarcoat the situation, I find it has taught all of us to learn new things and be more adaptable–from learning how to use Zoom technology to hold services and participate in meetings remotely, or setting up a “donate” button option on our website so that people can make donations to the church from home. This new method of payment then required setting up a separate “deposit” report.

The coronavirus fell in the middle of the banking transition from United Bank to People’s Bank, but we got things done on our end. It fell in the middle of our ongoing annual appeal, but we are adapting to the challenge.

There are so many people here at UUS:E who have helped us adapt to our changing world—Josh, Jane, Gina, Mary, Heather, Randy, and Carol Marion to name just a few. I’m grateful to all of you!

Annie Gentile