Aesthetics Chair Opening

After more than a decade of decorating UUS:E’s sanctuary, Cyndi Krupa is stepping down from her role as Aesthetics Chair. Similarly, her partner in this work, Kristen Dockendorff is also stepping down. When you encounter either Cyndi or Kristen, please give them a big, warm UUS:E ‘thank you’ for their years of service.

Cyndi writes:

I have had the total pleasure of being the Aesthetics Chair for many years but now find I need to move on.  This position for me has been a joyful one with fringe benefits. In the beginning it was as simple as being part of a group that agreed to bring flowers in once every 6 weeks, but I was totally inspired in a different direction with the opening of our new Meeting Room.

While the music played during that first service I glanced out the window to see a Red Tailed Hawk flying effortlessly through the trees outside.  It felt like we now had our own special version of “stained glass windows,” only ours were alive, moving and changing with the seasons, and I wanted to see more of nature in the room as well.  But that was my vision and now it’s time for someone new.

The “fringe benefits” I spoke of earlier included meeting many more people in our congregation which helped me feel even more connected as a member.  It also introduced me to the wonderful artistic community we have within UUS:E!  These talented artists can be called on to enhance any service and would gladly have their art work hanging on our walls.  Then there’s our annual holiday Deck the Halls in our Meeting Room, which has taken on a party vibe and we’ve had fun!!!  The actual time allotment has not been huge, especially when you invite people to help you.

UUS:E is looking for a new Aesthetics Chair! Are you interested in volunteering? Or perhaps being part of an Aesthetics Team? Let us know. Contact Rev. Josh at [email protected] or (860) 652-8961. And please know that Cyndi has graciously offered to coach anyone who is willing to take on the position; and Kristen has offered her ongoing services as an artist available for special aesthetics projects.