Acculturation Training

Who has culture? We all have culture!!  

Wed., April 24, 7-9 PM, Meeting Room

Truly knowing, understanding, communicating with, or assisting a person from a distant culture or country begins with an examination of our own cultural values, beliefs, assumptions and biases.   It is only through understanding that our own cultural lens is the filter with which we approach most every interaction we have, that we can ever fully, without bias and judgment, respect the inherent worth and dignity of all human beings.  Although this acculturation training was originally designed for the Sanctuary team, I encourage others to attend. Since the US is becoming more and more diverse, and the population of people from European descent is decreasing, we all are likely to have many more cross-cultural conversations. This training is designed to help us become more aware of the multiple ways in which our values, beliefs and assumptions have been forged beyond our awareness, and yet often become the yardstick by which we evaluate others.