Annual and Congregational Meetings


December 27, 2022

Dear UUS:E Members and Friends:

As stated in our November 14, 2022 letter, “Financial Challenges at UUS:E,” we will have a Special Congregational Meeting on January 8, 2023, immediately after the second service. This meeting will focus on providing the congregation with a full presentation of the financial challenges we are currently facing, including in the operating budget and building reserves. The meeting will occur in-person in the main meeting room as well as over Zoom using the same link that is used for Sunday services. This will be an informational meeting only and no voting will occur. Since the meeting will likely not end until after 1 PM, you are welcome to bring food to eat during the presentations.

The agenda for the Annual Meeting will include a presentation by Stan McMillen, Lynn Dove and Wayne Starkey, with Glenn Campellone available as a consultant. The team will explain in detail UUS:E’s current financial status and challenges. There will be time for attendees to ask questions and share their thoughts. Peggy Webbe, President, and Josh Pawelek, Minister, will also discuss a bequest we anticipate receiving sometime within the next year or so.

If you need childcare in order to attend this meeting, please contact the UUS:E office by Thursday, January 5th at 4:00 PM.

We look forward to being with you on January 8 and keeping our connection to UUS:E strong!


Peggy Webbe                    Glenn Campellone                    Rev. Josh Pawelek
UUS:E President                Acting Treasurer                       UUS:E Minister

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