Annual and Congregational Meetings


April 22, 2022

Dear UUS:E Voting Members:

UUS:E’s 2022 Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday afternoon, May 15th, shortly after the 11:00 am service ends. We plan to hold a hybrid meeting, both in-person and over Zoom.  The Zoom link will be forwarded through our regular eblasts prior to the meeting. Our Constitution requires a quorum of voting members to be present for the meeting in order to vote on business items. Please plan to attend either in person or on Zoom and help us accomplish this important community business! 

The agenda for the Annual Meeting will include the following:

                     (Read the Tresurer’s commentary on the proposed budget here.)

Note: We are postponing the vote on adopting the 8th UU principle until the fall.

Directions for VOTING

There are three ways you may vote on the the budget and the slate: a) in person at UUS:E; b) by mail/email voting form; or c) by proxy. Note: we are unable to offer online voting during the meeting.

Mail/Email Voting Form: If you are attending by Zoom, or if you are unable to be present for the meeting but wish to vote absentee, please print and fill out the mail/email voting form here and mail or email it to the UUS:E office at 153 West Vernon St., Manchester, CT 06042 or [email protected] All mail/email voting forms must be returned to the UUS:E office by Friday, May 13th at noon.

Proxy Form: If you would like to vote by proxy, please print and fill out the proxy designation form here, or contact the UUS:E office to receive one by mail. Be sure to advise your proxy of your wishes in advance of the meeting. Your proxy can bring the completed proxy form with them to the annual meeting, or you can send the completed proxy form to the UUS:E office by Friday, May 13th at noon.

If you would like childcare during the meeting, please contact the UUS:E office by Tuesday, May 3rd at noon.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this meeting, how to vote, how to access the various materials, etc., please contact one of us. We look forward to seeing you on May 15th and keeping our connection to UUS:E strong! 


Peggy J. Webbe,                     Kevin Holian-Borgnis                         Rev. Josh Pawelek

UUS:E President                     UUS:E Vice President                        UUS:E minister

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