2021 Slate of Officers and Outgoing Officers

UUS:E 2021-2022 Slate of Officers

President Peggy Webbe
Member-at-Large [One-Year Term] Ellen Williams
Communications and Technology Chair Patrick Eaton-Robb
Denominational Affairs Chair Carrie Kocher
Music Committee Chair (2-year term) Dorothy Bognar
Membership Committee Co-chair Sheila Foran
Social Justice and Anti-Oppression Co-chair* Azucena Minaya Llantoy will assume Jim Adams’ remaining one-year term
Social Justice and Anti-Oppression Co-chair Jim Adams will take a two-year term
RE Chair Desiree Holian-Borgnis
Sunday Services Co-chair Marsha Howland will serve a second two-year term
Stewardship Committee Chair Adam Bender will serve a second two-year term
Sustainable Living Co-Chair Mary Lawrence will serve a second two-year term
Adult Religious Education Chair Lynn Dove
NLDC Rhona Cohen will serve a third two-year term
NLDC Peter Marotto will serve a fourth two-year term

*Information only; she’s not being elected

Completing their terms or stepping down

Bill Graver – Denominational Affairs

Lorry King – Adult Religious Education

Tammy Stolzman – RE Chair

Anne Carr – Communications and Technology Chair

Rob Stolzman – President

Peggy Webbe – Music Chair

Monica van Beusekom – Member-at-Large

Jennifer Klee – Communications and Technology Chair [appointed to fill remaining term of Anne Carr]

Carolyn Gimbrone – Membership Committee Co-chair