20 Lawmakers

& what their handwriting tells us about them

Are you interested in the drama of current events? Want to learn more about its cast of characters? On June 2, after the second Sunday Service, Carol Lowbeer, professional graphologist, will discuss the handwriting of 20 prominent lawmakers and candidates and tell you what those swirls, loops slants in their writing tell you about their real talents and strengths. Which candidate has the staying power to win the race? Which is over-sensitive? Which lawmaker is the most flexible? The confident appearing legislator may be week-willed and the “organized” candidate may be less dependable than you realized.

Graphology is often used in Europe for candidate selection and reveals traits which may be hard to evaluate, like perseverance, attention to detail and dependability. Carol has analyzed the scripts of thousands of individuals, lectured and taught classes since 1993.

Audience questions are welcome. An entertaining hour is guaranteed in this unique informal workshop. The workshop is from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM in the Chapel Room in the Garden Level. There will be no charge for the workshop to UUS:E members and friends.