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Monthly Ministry Theme: Compassion

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Look for an eblast with a link. In May we continue to hold one virtual service every Sunday morning at 10:00 AM. For the time being those services will be held using Zoom, though we may migrate to a different platform in the future. For now, Zoom login and call-in information will be shared through the congregational eblast. If you are not subscribed to the congregational eblast, please send a message to or contact Annie Gentile in the UUS:E office to arrange another method of receiving relevant information.

In order to keep Sunday services as relevant as possible to our situation, Rev. Josh and the Sunday Services Committee will not be planning services in advance as we usually do. If there is a particular topic related to our collective experience of the pandemic that you’d like us to address in the context of a Sunday service, please feel free to share your ideas with Rev. Josh at or 860-652-8961.

July 5: “July 4, 2020: A Quiet Birthday?” No parades. No fireworks. No patriotic songs on the town green. No public readings of the Declaration of Independence. But that silence invites us to remember the sustaining ideals of the founding and the hope they can bring in these troubled times. Coordinator: Lorry King

July 12: “Mary Oliver: Attention to the Natural World.” The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our daily lives upside down in many ways. Quarantine, self isolation and social distancing have left most of us at home with limited options to keep interest and variety in our days. Many people have turned to activities that connect them with nature—hiking, birding, gardening, and others. Poet Mary Oliver lived her life in nature and wrote many poems in the spirit of our connection with the natural world. Join UUS:E members in learning more about Mary Oliver and enjoying her wonderful poetry. Readers: Susan Barlow and David Garnes Coordinators: Sandy Karosi and Marsha Howland

July 19: “Sacred Places.” As Unitarian Universalists, we do not limit our sacred spaces to churches or locations mentioned in the Bible. This week’s service will be an exploration of what makes a place sacred to an individual, a family, a culture, or a nation. Coordinators: Beth Hudson-Hankins and Penny Field

July 26: “Forgiveness For All of This.” At their best, religious communities strive for forgiveness in response to harm. Yet, in the midst of a global pandemic that will likely kill hundreds of thousands before it runs its course; in the midst of the hyper-exposure of race and class inequality in the United States; in the midst of a new national consciousness about police violence against people of color, what does it mean to forgive? Who needs to be forgiven? And who needs to forgive? Note: This morning we are joined by the members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor, Maine. We will be joining their service on August 2. Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

August 2: TBA

August 9: “Virtual Hymn Sing.” How, you may ask, can there be a virtual hymn sing? With your help, that’s how! You have enjoyed the virtual children’s choir, adult choir, and Singing Circle musical contributions to our Zoom services. (Thanks to Dan Thompson for producing.) You have sung along with Josh on hymns. Now you can participate, too. Here are some things you can do:

  1. If you have a favorite hymn or song you would like included, please let Martha Larson and Mary Bopp know what it is.
  2. If you would like to share why it’s important to you, or a story about the hymn, you can record yourself talking about the hymn. (Or at least send the information so we can include it.)
  3. If you have a musical instrument, you can record yourself, or you and your family, playing/singing the hymn.

Because of the coronavirus, we are still unable to have groups singing together. But a small group or a strong singer, when Zoomed out to the congregation, makes it easier for you at home to join in and sing. It may be a long time before we can sing together at the Meeting House, but we CAN sing together virtually. But preparing ahead of time is essential so please think about what hymns you want and let us know ASAP. Thank you for participating at least this way, and if you can also do #2 and/or #3, let us know what you are working on and if you need help. I’m excited about coordinating what is probably my 13th Hymn Sing. —Martha

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