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Monthly Ministry Theme: Brokenness

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February 4: “Women and Power: #MeToo is Not Enough.” Explore varied topics under this large umbrella. Be motivated to think about how women are denied power, how they use power, and what can and should be done beyond the first days and weeks of the #MeToo movement, an effort to take back power for women. Consider how women and men can work together in many areas to improve how women are seen, heard, respected and supported in all roles that should be open to them. Coordinator: Marsha Howland

February 11: “The Healing Power of Love.” In this month of “Brokenness,” we celebrate the power of ordinary love to heal.  We’ll be sitting in the round (or oval?) and seeking wholeness in word, song, and story. We’ll send love to those of us who are feeling broken and out into the fractured world. Coordinator: Martha Larson

February 18: “Living Whole in the Midst of Brokenness.” Our theme for February is brokenness. This morning, Rev. Josh considers resources for maintaining our sense of wholeness when the world feels like it’s breaking. Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

February 25: “A Surplus of Warm Fuzzies!” Family Service. This morning, we learn why we’ll never run out of “warm fuzzies.” And we’ll explore all the ways we can stay strong and resilient even when “cold prickles” abound! Coordinators: Gina Campellone, Mary Bopp, Rev. Josh Pawelek

March 4: “You Are Visionary: Kicking Off Our Annual Appeal.” Today we begin our annual appeal and look forward to a future of growth at UUS:E. We also welcome new members into the congregation. Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek


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