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Monthly Ministry Theme: Expectation

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10:00 AM Only September 1: “Religious Toolmakers.” On this Labor Day Sunday, third generation UU John Stowe will speak about our role as ‘religious toolmakers’ and how craftsmanship informs our faith. Coordinator: Sheila Foran

September 8: “Homecoming.” Don’t miss our annual homecoming worship celebration featuring special music and rituals to mark the commencement of a new congregational year! Bring a backpack, briefcase, purse, etc. for the annual “Blessing of the Backpacks.” Coordinators: Gina Campellone, Mary Bopp, and Rev. Josh Pawelek

September 15: “Adventures in Spiritual Plumb-Bobbing.” When did multitasking become a thing? When did headline banners start running across the bottom of cable news show screens? What was life like before the arrival of a thousand social media platforms? We live in a larger culture that demands width; yet our souls hunger for depth. It’s time for adventures in spiritual plumb-bobbing! Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek 

September 22: “Women’s Right to Vote: The 19th Amendment.” Explore the history of the women’s suffrage movement in the United States, including its supporters and opponents, struggles, failures and successes. Coordinator: Marsha Howland

September 29: “Beloved Community.” So often, the term “beloved community” is used to describe an ideal state we are working toward as a faith community. But describing that ideal state can easily distract us from the actual work of being “beloved community.” What is that actual work? Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

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