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Monthly Ministry Theme: Memory

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Turn your clocks back 1 hour on Nov. 3rd!

November 4: “Evolution.” In honor of the November 1859 publication of Charles Darwin’s book, On the Origin of Species, Mr. Darwin, himself, will speak to us about his evolving faith in a static world. He will share with us his religious beliefs and give us an insight into the vibrant world of 19th-century Victorian England. (This is the first Sunday of Standard Time so remember to “Fall Back” one hour). Coordinator: Sheila Foran

November 11: “Testify! Witness! Re-Imagine!” Our November ministry theme is memory. This morning Rev. Josh explores what it means for individuals and communities to remember and name the reality of sexual violence. How do individuals reclaim power in the wake of such violence? How to communities heal? We will acknowledge and affirm survivors of sexual violence. Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

November 18: “Sittin’ at the Welcome Table.” All-congregation worship. Today we welcome spoken-word artist and national Unitarian Universalist leader, Christopher Simms. Chris will help us bring a seasonal message that all are welcome, all are loved. Coordinators: Gina Campellone, Mary Bopp, Rev. Josh Pawelek

November 25: “Taming Your Dragon: Decluttering for Spiritual Well Being.” Most of us know the pitfalls of cluttered work and living spaces. Today we take a light-hearted look at excess external stuff, and also consider the internal clutter in our minds and hearts. Speakers include Fay Peters. Coordinator: Martha Larson

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