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Monthly Ministry Theme: Compassion

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May 6: “Repairers of the Breach.” For far too long, too many religious institutions have been complacent with a political, social and economic order that enriches a few and impoverishes many. Who shall repair the breach? This morning Rev. Josh reports on the relaunching of Martin Luther King’s “Poor Peoples’ Campaign” in 2018. This sermon was purchased by Stan and Sue McMillen at the 2017 UUS:E Goods and Services Auction. Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek 

May 13: “Flower Communion.” Multigenerational Worship. Through wonderful music and our annual flower communion, we will celebrate our beloved multigenerational community. Please bring a flower or flowers to share! Coordinator: Mary Bopp, Gina Campellone, Rev. Josh Pawelek

May 20: “What Opens Your Heart?” Our ministry theme for May is compassion. This morning Rev. Josh explores the sources of compassion in our lives. Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

Note: A salad potluck will follow the 11:00 service. Our Annual Meeting begins at 1:00 PM

May 27: “Women and Poetry.” We will celebrate the voices of women poets we know and lament the voices of women poets lost to centuries of bias against women in all of the arts. We’ll share poems by and reflections about such writers as the great 19th-century poet Emily Dickinson and Mary Oliver, the most widely read contemporary poet in the country. Coordinator: Marsha Howland

June 3: “God’s Personalities.” Modern Biblical scholars have long recognized that the Good Book’s main protagonist, God, has a multitude of personalities. Rev. Josh wrestles with Jack Miles’ Pulitzer Prize winning God: A Biography. This morning’s sermon was purchased by Fred and Phil Sawyer at the 2017 UUS:E Goods and Services auction. Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek 

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