Sunday Services

Monthly Ministry Theme: Identity

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Sunday services will return to 9 and 11 AM on September 10, 2017 

August 6: “Crystal Silence.” In keeping with the August ministry theme of Identity, musician and UUS:E member Paul Shumsky shares his personal story of identity, spirituality, and music. Coordinator: Penny Field, with special music by Paul Shumsky

August 13: “Humanism in Uncertain Times.” In response to a UUA General Assembly presentation by Dr. Mtangulizi Sanyika?, Rev. Josh reflects on his own journey as a Unitarian Universalist Humanist. Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek. 

August 20: “Poetry, Words, and Spiritual Power.” This morning, three UUS:E poets share their thoughts on poetry and spirituality, along with some of their poetry. Coordinator: Martha Larson Poets: Cory Clark, Bruce Cohen, and Carolyn Kolwicz

August 27: “What Do We Really Know?” What role does the liberal religious community have in guiding personal judgments when so much of what we think we know is grounded in personal psychology, social trends, and overwhelming amounts of information? Coordinator and Speaker: Lauriston King

Unitarian Universalist Society: East Choir

Sunday services will return to 9 and 11 AM on September 10, 2017 

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