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Monthly Ministry Theme: Witness

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July 1: “What to Witness.” Summer Hours: One service at 10 AM. Our ministry theme for July is witness. We witness on a variety of levels: the inner life, the present moment, the wider world, instances of oppression and justice-making, etc. This morning, Rev. Josh, cellist Leah Colof, and UUS:E Music Director Mary Bopp reflect on the different dimensions of spiritual witness.

July 8: “Let Us All Sing!” This is our annual Hymn Sing, where people choose their favorites from both the gray and teal hymnals, and we sing, sing, sing! If you choose to share a few words about why you chose a hymn, that’s good but not required. Let our voices join together in joy, spirit, and community! Coordinators: Martha Larson and Mary Bopp

July 15: “Twenty-five Years of Singing the Living Tradition.” The UU hymnal represents our denomination’s best attempt to express the five sources of Unitarian Universalism and the seven principles in inclusive readings and music. It was a massive and groundbreaking task that has achieved the goal of connecting us with our past and bringing us into the future. This service will be a celebration of the hymnal and a recognition of the ways it brought about change. Speakers: John Hankins, Gail Crook and Carol Simpson, Coordinator: Beth Hankins

July 22: “Sharing Our Lives with Animals.” This service is about those special animals that we bring into our homes, who (quickly) become integrated into our lives.* Several members of the congregation will share their thoughts about how this relationship enhances their lives. Speakers: Carol Lowbeer and Leslie Greene, Coordinator: Nancy Madar

*You are invited to share a photo of YOUR pet for a special slideshow Carol Lowbeer is creating for this service. Instructions: Just email a digital photo to Carol ( by July 15. Email should include: 1)photo 2)pet name 3)your name 4) put “FOR PET SERVICE” in email title

July 29: “Making Space for Vulnerability.” Anna Hankins, a lifelong UU, shares spiritual lessons she has learned through her experience as a Peace Corps volunteer, social activist and recent nursing school graduate.

August 5: “What’s Bubbling Up?” Rev. Josh will discuss some of the ideas he imagines preaching about during the 2018-2019 congregational year. Be prepared: He may ask “what’s bubbling up for you?” Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

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