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Monthly Ministry Theme: Atonement

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October 1: “You Are a Visionary!” UUS:E is beginning a year-long process of articulating a new vision for its future. This morning Rev. Josh offers his thoughts on that future and challenges all members and friends to imagine a bold, innovative and transformative congregation in the years to come. Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

October 1, 1:00 PM: Special Pet Memorial Service. All are welcome to attend a special memorial service for pets who have died in recent years. This service will include music, prayer, and a chance to pay tribute to our deceased pets. Please feel free to bring a photo or other memento of your pet to place on an altar during the service. Also, if you are planning to attend—and even if you are not—please feel free to send an electronic photo of your pet to Rev. Josh at for a memorial service slide show. Other questions? Contact Rev. Josh at 860-646-5151.

October 8: “An American Muslim Journey.” For this service, our guest speaker Dr. Reza Manzoor, will talk about being Muslim in America from 9/11 to Trump and beyond, drawing from his book Stigmatized. Dr. Manzoor is a board certified physician in both internal medicine and cardiology and the President of the Islamic Association of Greater Hartford, Advisory Board Member of Muslim Student Association-CT Council, and Founding President of the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut. Coordinator: Penny Field

October 15: “Bearing Witness – The Power of Joys and Concerns. This simple spiritual practice each week honors and makes meaning of life’s events. Listening opens the hearts of those present and speaking lifts the burdens of the speakers. Although this practice is not limited to our denomination, it is a reflection of many of our beliefs. Coordinator and Presenter: Beth Hankin, with time for congregational contributions

October 22: “Indigenous.” Responding to the call for a second White Supremacy Teach-In, this morning we pay due reverence to the indigenous nations within the United States whose land was essentially stolen and whose cultures were all but obliterated by the horrific realities of settler colonialism. How are those of us who are white European accountable for this in our own time—not drowning in guilt, but redeemed by accountable actions? This a profoundly spiritual matter, arising from the heart of what it means to be in covenant with the interconnected web of life. Guest Preacher: Rev. Jan Carlsson-Bull. Coordinator: Martha Larson.

October 29: “Ancestors Day.” Multigenerational service. Join us this morning to celebrate the lessons and gifts of our ancestors, and to remember those who have died recently or in years past. Bring a photo or memento to place on our altar of remembrance. Coordinators: Mary Bopp, Gina Campellone, and Sheila Foran

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