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Ministry Theme: Love. March: Surrender

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March 5: “A Place We Call Home.” As we approach our Annual Appeal it is a time to be thankful for what UUS:E gives to each of us. It is also a time to think about the time, talent and treasures that we each contribute to UUS:E to make it a vibrant liberal religious community. Members of the congregation will reflect on why UUS:E is an important home for them. Speakers: Jennifer Ford, Bill Graver, Deb Gould and Sandy Karosi. Coordinator: Nancy Madar

March 12: Addiction and the Art of Surrender.” How does the March ministry theme of Surrender relate to coping with the challenges of addiction? Three UUS:E members will share their thoughts and experiences. Coordinator: Penny Field.

March 19: Surrender: A Path to Power. This morning we explore the spiritual practice at the heart of nonviolence known as self-purification. How does one make themself ready to meet violence with nonviolence? And how might the answer to this question apply to other facets of our lives? Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

March 26: “Lean on Me.” This multi-generational worship service will explore and celebrate friendship through story and song. We’ll hear from kids and adults whose friendships have blossomed, grown, and thrived right here at UUS:E. Coordinator: Gina Campellone, Lorry King, and Mary Bopp

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