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Monthly Ministry Theme: Belonging

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October 6: “Turning Points.”  Today’s service is another this year to recognize and celebrate our 50th anniversary. It will highlight some important decisions that our congregation made, which have significantly shaped the character of our Unitarian Universalist Society: East today. Speakers: David Garnes and Sylvia Ounpuu,  Coordinator: Nancy Madar

October 13: “Whose Are You?” Our larger U.S. culture invites us often to answer the question, “Who Am I?” In truth, it’s an important question. But how different would it be to answer the question, “Whose am I?” This morning Rev. Josh digs into that difference. Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

October 20: “God’s Country.”  Coordinator: Beth Hudson-Hankins

October 27: “Ancestor Day.” All-congregation worship. Join us for a celebration of our ancestors. Bring a memento or a relic of someone dear to you who has died. Place it on the altar. Share the ongoing power of their life in our collective life. Coordinators: Members of the UUS:E Pagan Study Group, Gina Campellone, Mary Bopp, Rev. Josh Pawelek

November 3: “Living On.” As our biological families may leave us bequests, our beloved community at Unitarian Universalist Society: East has left us bequests, too. We will hear the stories of some of our spiritual UUS:E ancestors and gain some insight into ways in which their gifts help us continue on. With all their ordinariness, their example, their humanity, these ancestors live on in this, our beloved community. Presenter: Jean A. Lebutis, Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

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