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Monthly Ministry Theme: Reconciliation

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April 2: “Organize, Agitate, Educate.” These words—which Susan B. Anthony said “must be our war cry”—epitomize the spirit of the January 21 Women’s March on Washington and the many supportive marches and rallies held across the world. Hear two members of the UUS:E community share their experiences of attending the march in Washington and the rally in Hartford and what it has meant to them since then. Speakers: Sandy Karosi and Kate Howard-Bender; Special music: Marie Summerwood; Coordinator: Marsha Howland

April 9: “On Eating Bitter Herbs.One of the many rituals associated with the Jewish celebration of Passover is the consumption of bitter herbs (maror, chazeret) during the Passover Seder. This morning we reflect on the significance of bitter herbs in the story of the ancient Israelites, and also on various experiences of bitterness in our lives today. Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

Friday, April 14, 7:00 PM: “Good Friday Service.” This service features New York City-based violinst, Sharon Gunderson, dancer/choreographer, Hannah Barnard, and UUS:E Director of Music, Mary Bopp, performing “Louange à l’Immortalité de Jésus” from “Quartet for the End of Time” by Oliver Messiaen. This performance and others will accompany reflections on the execution of Jesus and the rise of authoritarian movements in our own time.  Tenebrae is an ancient Christian religious service celebrated on the evening before or early morning of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, or Holy Saturday. Tenebrae is distinctive for its gradual extinguishing of candles while a series of readings and psalms is chanted or recited. UUS:E’s adaptation of Tenebrae will be contemplative, meditative, and truthful about violence and the paths to peace. Coordinators: Mary Bopp and Rev. Josh Pawelek

April 16: “All Good Gifts.” Join us for our annual multigenerational Easter music service, featuring selections from the musical “Godspell.” The UUS:E choir, the children’s choir and many other instrumentalists offer inspiring music to celebrate Easter and the arrival of spring. Wake up from winter’s long sleep! Let your spirit be reborn with an ancient story of hope and the enduring promise of spring. Coordinators: Mary Bopp, Gina Campellone, and Rev. Josh Pawelek

April 23: “Hear the Earth Call.” This morning Rev. Josh, Duffy Schade, and Sharon Gresk proudly introduce their new book, Hear the Earth Call. This book features prose, poetry, prayers and photos in celebration of the earth and our relationship to it. Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

April 30: “Our Song to Sing.” Multigenerational Service. Percussionist and community organizer, Matt Meyer, leads us in a service of rhythm and song. Matt says: “We imagine a world with more equity and compassion, but the journey to get there is long. How we do celebrate ups and downs on the road while we travel? Where do we find joy in the community that assembles along the way? Coordinator: Rev. Josh Pawelek

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