Connetic Word

Connetic Word Live at UUS:E

Tuesday, June 25th, 7:00 PM

153 West Vernon St., Manchester


This group of youth artists is absolutely incredible. We are so proud of them for earning a spot to compete at Brave New Voices 2019. Please, come out to UUS:E on 6/25, show your support for youth voices and safe artistic spaces!  Enjoy an awesome night of poetry. 

Free will offering: Help Connetic Word travel to Brave New Voices this summer in Las Vegas!

Come Celebrate LITHA (Summer Solstice)

SunsetJoin the UUS:E Pagan Study Group for a multigenerational observation of Litha

Friday, June 21, 2019, at 7:00 P.M. at the Unitarian Universalist Society: East Sanctuary

All are Welcome!

Litha celebrates the longest day of the year. Come learn about the union of god and goddess at Litha, and the god’s diminishing influence after the solstice. If you are planning to attend, PLEASE RSVP to Peggy Gagne at (860) 646-6828 or We need to know how many to plan for the activity portion of the night. Please bring a light snack to share. The planned activity will be a bit messy, so bring a shirt for cover if you don’t want to get dirty. If you arrive after 7 pm, please wait just inside the doors to the sanctuary so we can welcome you into the circle.

Rob Laurens – Live in Concert

Saturday, June 22 at 7:00 PMRob Laurens

“Rob Laurens culls his naturalistic ballads from the fertile soil of American folk tradition, but his intimate, incisive lyrics embody the best instincts of the contemporary songwriter movement.”—Scott Alarik, Boston Globe

“Rob Laurens has the rare ability to write songs that seem like they’ve always been there. When he steps on stage, you’re drawn into the atmosphere that he creates from the first chord. Witty, engaging, thoughtful, and whimsical — it’s all there, held together by taste, discernment, and an intriguing, original guitar style.”—Dave Palmater, host, Folk Radio WUMB 91.9 FM

Rob has won the New Folk Award for Songwriting at both the Kerrville Folk Festival (TX) and its sister festival, The Columbia River Festival (WA). He has returned to play the main stage at these and many other festivals, including the Strawberry, High Sierra, and Napa Valley Festivals in California. He tours both east and west coasts, playing such clubs as The Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, California, and Club Passim in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Tickets: $15 for adults, $8 for children, youth and students

Call UUS:E at 860-646-5151 to reserve seats, or go online at:

Community Conversation with the Program Council

The Unitarian Universalist Society: East Program Council invites members and friends to join us for one of two discussions:

2:00 PM or 7:00 PM on Thursday, June 27 in the UUS:E Chapel.

The purpose of the event is to invite discussion of current UUS:E committee activities and solicit input on future programs and events to expand the offerings at UUS:E. The Program Council would love to hear your thoughts.

— Kevin Holian-Borgnis and the Program Council

20 Lawmakers

& what their handwriting tells us about them

Are you interested in the drama of current events? Want to learn more about its cast of characters? On June 2, after the second Sunday Service, Carol Lowbeer, professional graphologist, will discuss the handwriting of 20 prominent lawmakers and candidates and tell you what those swirls, loops slants in their writing tell you about their real talents and strengths. Which candidate has the staying power to win the race? Which is over-sensitive? Which lawmaker is the most flexible? The confident appearing legislator may be week-willed and the “organized” candidate may be less dependable than you realized.

Graphology is often used in Europe for candidate selection and reveals traits which may be hard to evaluate, like perseverance, attention to detail and dependability. Carol has analyzed the scripts of thousands of individuals, lectured and taught classes since 1993.

Audience questions are welcome. An entertaining hour is guaranteed in this unique informal workshop. The workshop is from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM in the Chapel Room in the Garden Level. There will be no charge for the workshop to UUS:E members and friends.

Honest Conversations with Muslim Neighbors

Sunday, June 23 at 1:00 PM at Unitarian Universalist Society: East

Who are our Muslim neighbors? What do they believe? How do extremist actions worldwide affect them? Hear Connecticut Muslims share their stories, and respond to questions such as:

Why don’t we hear moderate Muslims speak out against extremism?

Why do some girls & women wear Muslim dress, and others do not?

What does the Qur’an really say about people of other religions?

American Muslims don’t have all the answers, but our guests will respond out of their own experiences, raising issues that concern them as well as us. Together, in conversation, we can promote a more peaceful world for everyone.

ALL are welcome: come for an afternoon of interfaith bridge-building. Bring a friend!

“Honest Conversations” is a collaborative project of: CT Council for Interreligious Understanding (CCIU) the Muslim Coalition of CT and Hartford Seminary

RSVPs / more info: (CCIU)

Please Come to a Community Conversation!

Special message from
Unitarian Universalist Society: East President Rob Stolzman

Please Join Us for a Special Policy Board Community Conversation 

Open forum to  discuss:UUSE Logo chalice flame only multi

  • Updating our UUS:E Covenant
  • Open leadership positions
  • The history and use of the colon in our name–UUS:E

Two sessions: 2:00 or 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 14.

The purpose of this event is to invite our members and friends to sit with us and discuss these issues or any other issues. The Policy Board values your voices and wants to hear what you think.
— Rob Stolzman and the Policy Board

Emergency Preparedness – Everyone Evacuate the Building!

A Message from the UUS:E Emergency Management Team 

“Everyone evacuate the building!” Hearing this during a Sunday Service, you will know the Emergency Response Plan has been activated. But what do you do? If it happens during a Sunday service:

  • You must leave the building, using both exits out to the parking lot.
  • Go to your car and remain in your car.
  • If you have a child on the garden level, you may assemble at a safe distance from the front of the building so that your child can brought to you.
  • If you are on the Garden Level when the alarm is sounded, RE children and staff are to exit the building at the nearest exit and assemble at a safe distance from the building.
  • Adult RE leaders will bring small groups of children at intervals around to the front of the building to be reunited with their parents.

Very important: fire apparatus must come down the exit ramp—STAY IN YOUR CARS AND DON’T DRIVE OUT, CLOGGING THE WAY FOR RESPONDERS! Wait for fire officials to let you know you can leave.

PS—a fire drill is coming soon to a Sunday Service near you. Be ready!!!

Rev. Chris Antal to Preach at UUS:E

On Sunday morning, June 24th at 9:00 and 11:00, UUS:E welcomes the Rev. Chris Antal, a former military chaplain who courageously spoke out against United States drone warfare policies while stationed at Kandahar Air Force Base in Afghanistan. Read a short biography of Rev. Antal here. Read his “A Veteran’s Day Confession for America” here.

Rev. Antal joins us courtesy of the Interfaith Network on Drone Warfare.

For a fascinating look into the impact of drone warfare on drone pilots, see Eyal Press’s June 17th New York Times Magazine article, “The Wounds of the Drone Warrior,” which mentions Rev. Antal’s work.

Emergency Preparedness #8

Emergency Preparedness #8

Temporary Sheltering of Members

Our newly authorized Emergency Operations Plan defines actions to be taken when a critical situation occurs on the property. This “all hazards plan” identifies twelve situations that could risk personal safety or property damage. Each emergency situation is designated as an annex with specific instructions. Let’s look at Annex F: Temporary Sheltering of Members.


…members without power or fuel are able to stay in the building during business hours for cooling in summer or warming in winter?


The following procedures are to be followed:

  1. It is requested a call be made to the office in advance.
  2. It is understood there are no generators, cots, blankets, food or medical supplies available,
  3. Sheltering is possible only as the building has electricity and water supply available.
  4. The kitchen may be used if personal food is brought in.
  5. Before leaving to go home, the individuals will sign out at the administrative office.