“Where Do We Go From Here?” — UUS:E Virtual Worship, November 15, 2020

Gathering Music (begins at 9:50)





“Get Together”
by the Youngbloods
performed by Pat Eaton-Robb

Chalice Lighting and Opening Words

“Your Broken Heart…”
by the Rev. Angela Herrera
Spoken by Anya Stolzman

Don’t leave your broken heart at the door;
Bring it to the altar of life. Don’t leave your anger behind;
it has high standards
and the world needs vision.
Bring them with you, and your joy
And your passion. Bring your loving,
And your courage and your conviction.
Bring your need for healing,
And your powers to heal.
There is work to do
And you have all that you need to do it right here in this room.

Opening Hymn

“Though I May Speak With Bravest Fire”
words by Hal Hopson, traditional English melody
#34 in Singing the Living Tradition
led by Sandy Johnson

Though I may speak with bravest fire, and have the gift to all inspire,
and have not love, my words are vain as sounding brass and hopeless gain.
Though I may give all I possess, and striving so my love profess,

but not be given by love within, the profit soon turns strangely thin.
Come, Spirit, come, our hearts control, our spirits long to be made whole.
Let inward love guide every deed; by this we worship, and are freed.


“Love. Because….”
Written and spoken by Molly Vigeant

I made my daughter in the stock of my bones,
How dare I call myself anything less than a miracle
Bringer of life,
Believer in the inherent worth and dignity of Every single person.
Respect for the interconnected web of all existence,
of which, so undeniably, both You, and I, are a part.
All lives Can’t matter,
until black lives do
All lives Can’t matter,
until women control their bodies
All lives Can’t matter,
until our neighbors are set Free
All lives Will matter,
when Humanity becomes Human once more
Please, never forget that you are stardust,
You are the stew of your ancestor’s bones,
You are nothing less than miraculous,
You are rare as perfect circumstance.
You have always been lovable,
You have always been more than good enough.

Right now,
Right now you are worthy Right Now.
Not when you get a new job,
not when you lose weight,
or gain weight,
not when you move,
not when you do better,
not when you have more money,
not when things change.
I promise.
You have been worthy now,
miraculous now,
interconnected now,
inherently needed to feed the souls of our planet.
Our energies are so entwined,
I’m sure you have felt the ripples in our web
when people go,
wherever they go…
The milky way has held you,
Mother earth raised you,
Womb crafted,
Big Bang Blasted,
don’t you dare
call yourself less
than Miraculous.


“The Lone, Wild Bird”
Words by H. R. MacFayden,
music from William Walker’s Southern Harmony
#15 in Singing the Living Tradition
led by Sandy Johnson

The lone, wild bird in lofty flight
is still with thee, nor leaves thy sight.
And I am thine! I rest in thee.
Great spirit come and rest in me.

The ends of earth are in thy hand,
the sea’s dark deep and far-off land.
And I am thine! I rest in thee.
Great spirit come and rest in me.

Joys and Concerns

Musical Meditation

For the month of November we will be dedicating our community outreach offering to
Manchester Senior, Adult, and Family Services. This agency works to improve the quality of life
and help maintain the independence of Manchester residents by offering information, referral,
outreach, advocacy, assessment of needs and individual consultation on human services benefits
and programs. They serve adults aged 60 years and older, people with disabilities, and families
and individuals 18 years and older needing help connecting with community services.

Offering Music

“Where Do We Go From Here?”
by Joss Whedon (made famous by Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
performed by Jenn Richard and Dan Thompson

Homily “Where Do We Go From Here?” (Rev. Josh Pawelek)

Closing Hymn

“There is More Love Somewhere”
African American Hymn
#95 in Singing the Living Tradition
led by Sandy Johnson

There is more love somewhere.
There is more love somewhere.
I’m gonna keep on ‘til I find it.
There is more love somewhere.

There is more hope somewhere…

There is more peace somewhere..

There is more joy somewhere…

Extinguishing the Chalice

Closing Circle

“Coffee Hour” / Chat / Breakout Groups