Taking Stock, Part I — UUS:E Virtual Worship, November 8, 2020


Gathering Music (begins at 9:50)





By Rising Appalachia
Performed by Jeannine Westbrook and Jenn Richard

Chalice Lighting and Opening Words  

“To the people who have mistaken freedom for liberation”
by Theresa Inez Soto
Led by Rev. Josh Pawelek

To be free, you must embrace
The breadth of your own existence
Without apology, even if they try to take
It from you. You must know, not that you
can do whatever you want; you are not
a kudzu vine, eating entire hillsides for
the purpose of feeding your own lush life. You
must know instead, that inside you are entire
Universes–milky blue, magenta, and gold–
Expanding. But to actually be free, you must
Know and you must fight for the entire
Universes inside of everyone else.
Being free is not a license, but
A promise. 

Opening Song

“There’s a River Flowin’ in My Soul”
By Faya Ora Rose Touré
Led by Jeannine Westbrook

There’s a river flowin’ in my soul.
There’s a river flowin’ in my soul.
And it’s tellin’ me that I’m somebody.
There’s a river flowin’ in my soul.

There’s a river flowin’ in my heart….

There’s a river flowin’ in my mind….

Time with Gina

“Most People”
by Michael Leannah with Illustrations by Jennifer E. Morris

Musical Meditation (Mary Bopp)

Joys and Concerns

That peace, love and light may infuse all living beings with the knowledge we are one.

Musical Meditation (Mary Bopp)


For the month of November we will be dedicating our community outreach offering to Manchester Senior, Adult, and Family Services. This agency works to improve the quality of life and help maintain the independence of Manchester residents by offering information, referral, outreach, advocacy, assessment of needs and individual consultation on human services benefits and programs. They serve adults aged 60 years and older, people with disabilities, and families and individuals 18 years and older needing help connecting with community services.

Offering Music

“What Does the World Require of You”
by Jim Strathdee, adapted by Pawel Jura
Performed by the UUS:E Choir

Homily (Rev. Josh Pawelek)

Closing Hymn

“Keep On Moving Forward”
By Emma’s Revolution
Led by Jeannine Westbrook and Jenn Richard

Gonna keep on moving forward
Keep on moving forward
Keep on moving forward
Never turning back
Never turning back

Gonna keep on moving proudly….

Gonna keep on singing loudly….

Gonna keep on loving boldly….

Gonna reach across our borders….

Gonna end the occupations….

Gonna keep on moving forward….

Extinguishing the Chalice

Closing Circle

May faith in the spirit of life
And hope for the community of earth
And love of the light in each other
Be ours now, and in all the days to come. 

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