Library of Things (LoT)

The Sustainable Living Committee is exploring the level of interest in creating a Library of Things where UUS:E members and friends can borrow from each other instead of each buying a seldom used item or tool. We hope this will foster community and reduce consumption, resource depletion, and pollution. The LoT will be administered through this website, where lenders can list what they are willing to lend to borrowers. Given the public nature of this website, lenders (and borrowers) will only be listed by first name and the first letter of their last name, so borrowers must have a current UUS:E directory to be able to contact lenders. We have adopted user agreement and liability waiver forms from other LoTs. Drafts of the various elements are given below. Comments can be sent to Jay Stewart.

Take a 2 question survey to indicate your interest here.

LoT items, lenders, and conditions:

LoT User Agreement Form: to be printed and signed by borrower:

LoT Reminder Forms: to be printed by borrower and exchanged with lender:

LoT Liability Waiver: to be printed and signed by borrower and given to lender:

LoT Reviews List: comments about borrowers/lenders: