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The Double Food Pyramid

Most people are familiar with the Food Pyramid. Put out by the USDA, it’s been around since the 1970s, and modified several times. At the base are the foods that should provide the bulk of our diets, with the foods we should eat less of at the top. Now there’s a new one out called the Double Food Pyramid or the “Double Pyramid Model” developed by the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition. The pyramid on the left is based on the Mediterranean Diet, which has often been cited as a healthy diet and style of eating. What’s different about the double model is the inverted pyramid on the right shows the environmental impact of various foods. At the top, with the biggest carbon footprint we find beef, next is fish and cheese, followed by pork and poultry. Foods with the lowest environmental impact are fruits and vegetables, corresponding nicely with the foods we should eat the most of on the Mediterranean Diet. The study also compared three dietary patterns: omnivorous, lacto-ovo-vegetarian and vegan. Unsurprisingly, the vegan diet has the smallest carbon footprint. However, reducing meat consumption, particularly beef, can have a very positive influence on the environment. Isn’t it nice to know that a diet that’s healthy for our bodies is also healthy for the earth!

To see the (copyrighted) graphic, just search for “double food pyramid”. To read the complete abstract click here

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