Riding the Waves of Change — UU Society of Bangor, ME, Sunday August 2, 10:00 AM

Ingathering Music: (5 minutes or so at 9:55 AM)

Words of Welcome                                                                          Rev. Drew Moeller

Announcements                                                                                 Laurie Cartier


Chalice Lighting: “The Waves of Life” (A. Moeller)                           Laurie Cartier

The waves of life come rolling over us,

As we navigate the unknown waters life.

Never beginning and never-ending:

They crash over us, and

occasionally push us along.


Today, as we light our chalice,

Let its flame serve as a beacon –

A common point of connection,

That gives us hope and inspiration,

As it guides our way home.

Opening Song: “Rock Me Mama”                                   Linda Koehler & Rissa Moore

Rock me Mama (Earth) as I float here in your ocean

Rock me Mama as I float here in your sea

Rock me Mama as I clarify emotion

Rock me Mama make me true to me

Time for all Ages:                                                                             Rev. Drew

Joys & Sorrows                                                             Rev. Drew & Laurie Cartier

Interlude:  #123 Spirit of Life – interlude

Reading: TBD                                                                                  Laurie Cartier

Special Music “Mysterious Ways” Linda Koehler & Rissa Moore

The universe works in mysterious ways

When something bad happens, we wonder what we have to gain

But if we look hard enough and if we dig deep enough, we’ll see

The gifts of our struggle will be revealed.

Homily: “Riding the Waves of Change ”                                            Rev. Drew

Closing Song: “I Can Only Change Myself”

I cannot change the world I can only change myself

when I make change in myself, I create change in the world

I become like a stone and when I am thrown into the sea of people

those changes in me ripple out through that sea in ever widening circles, so

[:I create peace I send you love:]

Extinguishing the Chalice:                                                                Rev. Drew

Benediction: (Music by Troy Fisher, Words by Arthur Vaeni)            Sung by All

Let us go forth into the week ahead

striving to be faithful to our lives’ journeys,

serving the needs of the Earth and its inhabitants,

and sharing in the spirit of love with all we say and do.

Sharing in the spirit of love with all we say and do.

Sharing in the spirit of love with all we say and do.

Blessed Be! Blessed Be! Blessed, Blessed Be!

Thanks                                                                                              Rev. Drew

Coffee Hour