Religious Education Director’s Column

Enter, rejoice, and come in!

Gina Campellone

Dear Friends,

Ahhh . . . spring has arrived! Slowly but surely the snow is melting. Purple crocuses are pushing their tiny, determined heads up through the sodden earth, reaching toward the sun. Like the crocuses, I, too am ready to feel the sun’s warmth. I look forward to the rebirth and renewal that comes with spring, and I am excited about all that will be happening in Religious Education. Some of those happenings include:

  • A three month trial run of having children attend the first 15 minutes of worship upstairs with the rest of the congregation for a “Time for all Ages”
  • The start of our annual Garden Program, in which RE and Sustainable Living collaborate to involve the children in planning, planting, and maintaining our organic garden
  • A multi-generational Passover Seder and potluck (April 3rd)
  • A multi-generational Easter worship service filled with joyful music, a thought provoking message, and . . . puppets! (April 5th)
  • An RE Volunteer Appreciation Dinner to show our gratitude to those whose generous gifts of time and talents help make our program a success. (April 11th)
  • Multi-generational Bingo Night (April 18th)
  • A Child Dedication ceremony for some of the newest, wee additions to our UUS:E community. (May 10th)
  • Our Affirmation Ceremony, a worship service in which our coming of age youth share their credo statements with the congregation. (May 17th, one service at 10 AM)
  • A Spirit Play training in Melrose, MA, which will be attended by four RE volunteer teachers who are eager to help improve and grow our program for 4 & 5 yr. olds. (June 6th)
  • Our Flower Communion, a beautiful UU tradition (June 14th)
  • A Bridging Ceremony which marks the passage of our 12th graders from youth to Young Adults. (June 21st)

I share with you the words of poet Rainer Maria Rilke: “It’s spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”

It is indeed spring. Read a poem! Write a poem! Take a walk outdoors with a child! Plant a garden! Enjoy the warmth of the sun! Spend some time with your community at UUS:E!

Happy spring!

Gina Campellone, Director of Religious EducationBe well and be loved,

Gina Campellone