Religious Education for Children and Youth

Welcome to Religious Education (RE) at Unitarian Universalist Society: East where we have a vital and thriving program for our children and youth.  Our many volunteers work closely with each other and our staff to provide the most spiritually engaging curriculum.  I invite you to read through this introduction to the program and to contact me or talk to a member of our RE committee .  Please visit us in the Religious Education area to learn more and to help your family feel at home. It is only through our work together as parents and a religious community that we can teach our children our shared beliefs and values.

It’s almost time to register for Religious Education for the 2017-2018 school year. All children in nursery – Grade 12 who will be attending RE must be registered. If you have any questions contact Gina Campellone, Director of Religious Education at

Click Here to Register for the 2017/18 Program

Announcing a New Playgroup

Wednesdays from 9:30-11
Starting April 26, 2017

Gina Campellone,  Director of Religious Education.
Call 646-5151 or email at

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