Community Kirtan

Live Music Kirtan

Music & Mantra with Charlie Braun

Friday, February 9th at 7 PM

If you haven’t tried kirtan yet, this is a great opportunity with a solid, experienced artist leading a group of in-sync musicians. Charlie Braun delivers kirtan in the Western style: a fusion of melodic folk-rock that meanders into reggae, blues, and other musical forays while staying true to the heart-opening power of Sanskrit mantras. Adept at reading the energy of the room, Charlie guides the group in the call-and-response singing of mantras, co-creating a sacred musical container in which to be uplifted, deepened, comforted, and revitalized. No experience is necessary, and attendees may sing along, dance, do yoga, or just meditate and soak in the heart-opening, high vibration. All are welcome. Bring your friends. Come and kick off your shoes and have a plain ole good time.  To check out Charlie’s kirtan music:

A $15 donation is requested. No one is ever turned away.

To check out Charlie’s kirtan music: For more kirtan in general and about the Call & Response Foundation, please visit

Sign up by calling the church office, 860-646-5151 or by email at Please include your name, course name and date.

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