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gassland2Join us for a showing of Gasland 2
on Friday, April 10 from 6:00-9:00pm.

The Sustainable Living Committee is showing the movie GASLAND 2 at 7-9pm. After the movie we will have some treats and an opportunity to ask Jen Siskind questions about fracking and its problems.

The Sustainable Living Committee meets at UUS:E on the second Tuesdays of each month, Please join us at 7:00 pm. For more information about the Sustainable Living Committee, Green Sanctuary contact the office at 860-646-5151 or

Kill the K-Cup Before It Kills Our Planet**

k-cupSingle brew coffee pods, commonly known as “K-Cups” are so prolific now that the environmental waste is staggering. All of the K-cups used and discarded in the year 2013 would circle the earth TEN AND A HALF TIMES! The problem was created by the Keurig manufacturing of a tri-layer structure making it unrecyclable. Keurig has announced that it plans to make 100 percent of its K-Cups recyclable by 2020. That’s five years from now – not soon enough in our opinion. What should we do? Choose an eco-friendlier method: drip coffee maker, French press, percolator are all good choices. If you really feel the need for the single-serve pods, they are now available from Equal Exchange* in a RECYCLABLE #5 container and recyclable aluminum top. You must empty the grounds and rinse the cup before recycling. We also suggest you compost the grounds.

*Reminder: Equal Exchange products are available in the meetinghouse lobby on the second Sunday of the month. They are organic and fair trade. If you would like to order a full case of Single-Serve Cups from Equal Exchange, contact Kat Dargan at A case of six boxes (12 cups per box) is $50. We will have boxes of six available without pre-ordering for $8.50.


CAT* Box

Fracking in Connecticut? Sunday, March 8 at 1:00

Learn about fracking and why CT residents need to be concerned. The Climate Action Team will provide food and Jen Siskind of Food and Water Watch will explain what fracking is and why we should be concerned about it.

*Climate Action Team