Green Sanctuary News

Finding faith and hope in the face of climate change is not an easy thing to do. Once we’ve changed our lightbulbs, made recycling a habit, taken some other personal steps towards living more simply and using less energy, and made our pledge to UUS:E and its beautifully renovated green building, we may think there is nothing more we can do. Yet we know climate change is getting worse and is an ever more urgent huge world problem. Our service on November 9th will explore these concerns and share personal stories of finding hope and faith while facing the reality of climate change. It will ask us to pledge to act to preserve a livable world so today’s children, and so many other living beings, will have a future. Individually and together we can do this.

Our Climate Action Team (CAT) and Sustainable Living Committee (SLC) have been very active so far this fall. In September we organized a busload of 56 people who participated with 400,000 others in the awesome People’s Climate March in NYC. A week later we co-hosted UUS:E’s well-attended In-gathering Potluck and program with various activities related to climate change and learning ways to reduce our carbon footprints. That evening and Sunday morning 107 letters were signed, addressed and mailed by 35 people to members of Congress in support of a revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend as proposed by Citizens Climate Lobby. On October 13th a number of us attended the second annual Climate Stewardship Summit at St Joseph’s University in West Hartford, sharing worship, food, and workshops including powerful stories of fear, sorrows, hopes, and actions with about 150 people of many religious faiths. This was sponsored by the Inter-Religious Eco-Justice Network (IREJN).

There are many ways to care for the planet’s future. Some involve meetings, conferences, marches, letter-writing, while conserving energy, caring for the soil and grounds and gardens, planting trees, composting, eating locally mostly plants, etc. Other ways involve caring for a livable world with everything we do. Some examples at UUS:E – help Kat sell Equal Exchange coffee supporting small organic farmers, help Jackie with hospitality and keeping a sustainable kitchen, help work with the children and youth in our Religious Education Program while teaching respect for all living things, help care for the gardens and grounds around UUS:E and come out to the fall cleanup on Nov. 15th. A most important way is to assess our carbon footprint and really consider ways to reduce it significantly. Then make a pledge and a plan for doing this. Put our pledges up on the big footprint in the program room next to the coffee window or in the long hallway on the garden level. Then come join us in one or more of these groups to continue working for a livable planet:

  • Sustainable Living Committee – next meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 7:00 P.M.
  • Climate Action Team – The next meeting will be Tuesday, Dec. 9th 7:00 P.M.
  • Manchester chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby – Contact Janet Heller for the Nov. date. Go to and listen to the Wednesday intro call.

The Sustainable Living Committee meets at UUS:E on the second Tuesdays of each month, Please join us at 7:00 pm. For more information about the Sustainable Living Committee, Green Sanctuary, or anything in this article, contact the office at 860-646-5151 or