Green Sanctuary News

AAs a Green Sanctuary congregation, we have done and try to do many things to benefit the planet, the eco-system, and our future as inhabitants of the earth. Our Sustainable Living Committee has tried to lead the way and monitor our congregational efforts over the years. We do small things in our daily lives and big things that take much planning and huge efforts.

Recently we started up a Climate Action Team. This group is interested in helping us reduce our carbon footprint, individually and collectively. We have shown films, signed petitions, written letters for carbon tax (by way of our Citizens Climate Lobby affiliate – CCL) and anti-fracking legislation, and we are co-sponsoring the in-gathering potluck on September 27th. Start thinking about what you can bring that is prepared largely with locally-grown produce. We highly recommend buying from local farms, at farmer’s markets, or using home-grown produce as much as you can this time of year especially. One good way to reduce your carbon footprint is by promoting and supporting local agriculture. Consider how the long-term impact of the drought out west will impact food traditionally grown there and exported to us.

A big effort that will be very exciting will be to get as many of us from UUS:E to NYC on September 21st for the huge Climate March. Bus loads, trains and carpools of people from all over the US and beyond will gather there for the biggest climate march in history. If you have any interest in going and even think you just MIGHT go, we need to hear from you. Contact me, at to let our group know of your interest. We will keep a list. Also contact to let them know of your interest in taking a bus (probably from Hartford unless there are enough from here!). This is not yet a commitment but helps them with planning how many buses they’ll need. They will ask for a firm commitment later on. So sign up there and inform Janet.

The Sustainable Living Committee meets at UUS:E on the second Tuesdays of each month, Please join us at 7:00 pm. For more information about the Sustainable Living Committee, Green Sanctuary, or anything in this article, contact the office at 860-646-5151 or