2020/21 Annual Appeal


Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future

2020-21 Annual Appeal takes place during  March. Do your part. Sign up to be a steward. Sign up to host, or attend a pledging potluck!

Our congregational life is dependent on the generous gifts of time, talent and treasure freely given by our members and friends.

We honor the legacy of those who have helped us become who we are today, and we secure the future by continuing our history of generosity.

We are all stewards of Unitarian Universalist Society: East and as a congregation, we are responsible, not only to maintain, but to grow, strengthen, and enhance all that UUS:E represents for future generations.

Why Does Your Pledge Matter?

  • A pledge is a promise that members and friends make to support Unitarian Universalist Society: East.
  • Your pledge is a commitment to provide a specified amount of financial support for the fiscal year July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.
  • Your pledge honors the legacy of generosity that has built a strong foundation over the years.
  • Your pledge contributes to strengthening ministry, programs, outreach, and service.

Your pledge, along with those of many others, assures that
Unitarian Universalist Society: East continues to build a strong, vibrant,
and forward-looking community.

Our Goals for the 2019/20 Annual Appeal

  • Building Our Future means staffing for growth! These are the goals that the Policy Board is urging us to support with our pledges in the coming year.
  • Support continued employment of a membership coordinator
    Expand music programming
  • Bring sexton salary in line with building manager responsibilities
  • Continue to address emergency preparedness needs
  • Provide funding for our 50th anniversary celebration
  • Further our robust Religious Education and youth programs by encouraging opportunities such as youth attendance at the 2020 General Assembly in Providence

Meeting these goals will require a 5% increase in pledged income.

Our Accomplishments During 2018/19

Our 210 pledging units made it possible for us to sustain and enhance congregation life in 2018/19. We are thankful for your generosity and proud of our accomplishments. In the past year we:

  • Established Unitarian Universalist Society: East as a Sanctuary Congregation;
  • Interviewed and hired a Membership Coordinator;
  • Organized important church documents into a web-based system;
  • Held an overnight, off-site retreat to build a stronger leadership team;
  • Provided a diverse series of musical events focusing on the talents of
    under-represented groups;
  • Participated in a variety of events to enhance our visibility in the community and encourage growth;
  • Established a vibrant junior youth group.

Words from Our Parish Minister, Joshua Pawelek

As we enter UUS:E’s golden anniversary year, we very naturally spend time honoring our past. We remember the generations that founded and slowly grew our congregation over five decades. We remember the challenges they faced, the goals they set, and the successes they achieved. Moreover, we celebrate! Some of the money we raise in our 2019 Annual Appeal will help us appropriately honor and celebrate our past.

We are also building our future! How specifically? In short, we are staffing for growth! This year’s annual appeal will help us fully establish our new Membership Coordinator position. It will help us expand our music program by increasing the Music Director’s hours. And it will help us care for and manage an increasingly full building-use schedule by bringing our sexton’s salary up to parity with other non-profit building managers in our region. These are exciting growth objectives. They are also eminently achievable.

I cannot express how excited I am to serve as your minister at this time in your history! We have accomplished so much together, and there is still so much possibility waiting for us. Thank you for making the most generous pledge possible so that we can continue to “honor our past and build our future!”

Words from Gina Campellone,
Director of Religious Education

Unitarian poet and Transcendentalist, Henry David Thoreau, wrote “One is wise to cultivate the tree that bears fruit in our soul.” Fifty years ago Unitarian Universalist Society: East was just a seedling. Thanks to the love, nurturing, and determination of a small group of folks who embraced possibility, UUS:E has grown into a thriving liberal religious community and spiritual home to hundreds. I am incredibly grateful to our congregation’s founding members who gave so generously of their time, talents, and resources to make UUS:E a reality. As we celebrate our 50 Year Anniversary, it’s also exciting to look ahead to what the future holds. We remain committed to offering religious education and faith formation to all ages, providing support to families, and responding to the ever changing needs of our adolescents by strengthening our ministry to youth. As Director of Religious Education it is my privilege and delight to continue to help “cultivate the tree that bears fruit in our soul.” Your pledge will help support UUS:E as we grow into the future. Thank you for pledging as generously as possible.

2019/20 Annual Appeal Brochure

2019/20 Giving Guide

2019/20 Pledge Form

2019/20 Electronic Funds Transfer Form

From the Stewardship Committee: Adam Bender, Louisa Graver, Larry Lunden, Stan McMillen, Phil Sawyer, Debbie Starke