2018/19 Annual Appeal

Annual Appeal

2018-19 Annual Appeal takes place during  March. Do your part. Sign up to be a steward. Sign up to host, or attend a pledging potluck!


Make a list of the gifts you bring to Unitarian Universalist Society: East and, conversely, list the gifts you receive from this beloved community.

Here are some of the gifts the Stewardship Committee identified:

What we give: leadership and mentoring skills, committee participation, energy and support, teaching, technical expertise, long-term commitment, financial support directly through pledging as well as by supporting events like the Fair and Auction.

What we get: a spiritual home, shared commitment to justice, grounding, experiences with the arts, diversity of inspirational experiences, religious education for children and adults, comfort, fellowship, a sense of family.

How does your list compare?

We give not only our time and talent to support our collective vision for UUS:E, we also give our money. Our pledges are one way we demonstrate the value we place on this community.

From the Stewardship Committee: Louisa Graver, Sande Hartdagen, Lynn Kayser, Larry Lunden, Stan McMillen, Phil Sawyer, Debbie Starkel

Our Goals for the 2018/19 Annual Appeal

  • To revise our Unitarian Universalist Society: East Vision Statement to inspire us to boldly engage within our congregational life as well as in our local communities;
  • To continue to develop our Youth and Junior Youth programs as part of our Religious Education program–seeking to build deeper ties among our adolescents and with their spiritual home.
  • To support initiatives to make our building safer in response to our emergency management plan.
  • To plan for Membership Coordinator who will help us welcome visitors and fully integrate new members as well as continue to strengthen the ties of established members and friends in order to fulfill our mission.

Our Accomplishments  During 2017/18

  • Continued to provide high-quality Sunday services during Rev. Josh’s sabbatical;
  • Purchased and implemented a more comprehensive, web-based office management system;
  • Developed and approved a comprehensive emergency management plan;
    Established a very successful Junior Youth Group for our middle school age group;
  • Participated in events to enhance our visibility in the community and to encourage growth. (e.g. Crafts table at Imagine Main Street events, cocoa and information table at the Manchester Road Race.)

Words from Our Parish Minister, Joshua Pawelek

Though the years I’ve heard many stories—both public and private—about the value Unitarian Universalist Society: East holds in members’ and friends’ lives–gifts both given and received. UUS:E is my spiritual home. UUS:E is my second family. UUS:E helped me rediscover myself when it was time to make a change. UUS:E saved my life. Many of you can point to a deeply life-giving experience at UUS:E. As you prepare to make your financial pledge for the coming year, I ask you to consider two things. First, like any growing congregation, our annual costs continue to rise and thus we continue to rely on your generous giftt. Second, please consider the ways in which UUS:E has been valuable in your life–what gifts UUS:E has given you. Please pledge in response to that value. And as always, thank you for your generosity.

Words from Rob Stolzman,
Parish President

Empathy, gratitude and being part of a beloved community — these are a few of the many gifts that UUS:E provides to me. Recent events remind us of the ongoing risks that come with being a woman, a person of color, an immigrant or a member the LGBTQ community. Many of us have been “woke” to the need to be more bold as we share our beliefs and gifts. It seems clear that we need to be more involved and share more of ourselves through love and with a sense of humbleness, empathy and gratitude. We hope that by doing so, we can begin to dismantle the systems of oppression and discrimination. Thank you for pledging and giving us the financial basis to act boldly to change our world for the better.

Words from Gina Campellone,
Director of Religious Education

As Director of Religious Education, I spend a significant amount of time interacting with volunteers, and It is one of my favorite parts of the job. I love helping folks of all ages recognize and nourish their gifts, and I am touched by how generously members of this community are willing to share their gifts with others. It is this generosity of spirit that allows UUS:E to do the work inspired by our mission and vision. This year our focus is on experimenting with different types of programming to see what best meets the needs of our tweens and teens. It takes the support of an entire congregation to make this possible. Thank you for your pledge.

2018/19 Annual Appeal Brochure

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