Online Photo Directory

Last Chance to Sign Up for Our Unitarian
Universalist Society: East  Photo Directory!

Do you ever see people at church and wonder what their names are? or hear an announcement and wish you could put a face with a name? Help is on the way! We are updating our membership photo directory this year, and it will not be complete without you!

LAST CHANCE! The following dates are available for you to schedule a session.Family Album Signup Button

  • Monday, Oct. 17, 3:30-9 PM
  • Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2-9 PM

We hope this will accommodate all of our remaining members who wish to participate. And if you cannot make any of these, contact Jennifer Klee. There are opportunities to have your pictures taken when Lifetouch is at another nearby location.

The good news is, there is no cost to UUS:E! Each participating family will receive a complimentary 8×10 portrait and a new directory. You will also have the opportunity to purchase your photos, cards and other photo products. However, it is not required that you make a purchase.

So even if you are thinking that you don’t need pictures of yourself, we strongly encourage you to participate. We’d like to have everyone in the directory! And the more participation we get, the more directories we receive free of charge to be available to those who aren’t in it and for newcomers down the road. We only do this project every 5 years.

Click on the picture link below to schedule your photo session online, or watch for sign ups in the lobby after Sunday services.

Family Album Signup Button

It’s quick and easy. Make sure to include your email address and phone number and you will automatically receive a confirmation email, plus a reminder a few days before your session and a $10 discount off any photography you purchase. Please create required login and password so you can change to your appointment if necessary. You should allow one hour for your session to check-in, be photographed and select your portraits.

If you have any questions, contact Jennifer Klee, membership committee co-chair.


Unitarian Universalist Society: East Photo DirectoryOur online Directory is as useful as it is dynamic. It’s a great way to put face-to-name! If you are a member or friend of Unitarian Universalist Society: East, you have access to the online directory through a secure username and password*.

In order to access the photo directory on line, email Annie at the office ( to get your unique log-in and password.  Once you  have your password information, click the button below.

Online Member Directory

You have full control over what people see and do not see. For example, you may want people to have access to your email address but not your phone number*. Go into My Profile and Edit. Uncheck the box next to your phone number and it’s done!

Now try “Additional Profile Information”. This is where each member of your family can include their date of birth, email address, occupation, hobbies and involvement in the life of Unitarian Universalist Society: East.

And here’s even more fun: Once you have access you can search for people. You can even create your own group. Search for someone you know. Next to their photo you’ll see a small symbol of two people. Clicking on this symbol includes them into “My Group”. You can easily access your list by clicking on “My Group” to the left.

If you did not have a photo taken or are not listed, please contact the office at 860-646-5151 or

*Our Directory is not available for public access. It is the policy of Unitarian Universalist Society: East never to give out or use personal information for purposes of solicitation.