A Celebration of Religious Education — UUS:E Virtual Worship, June 14, 2020

Gathering Music (Begins at 9:50)




Prelude “The Happy Farmer” (Robert Schumann) (Performed by Olivia Cohen)

Chalice Lighting & Opening Words “Out of the Flames” (Sara Eileen LaWall) (Spoken by Heather & Willow Alexson)

Out of the flames of fear
We rise with courage of our deepest convictions
to stand for justice, inclusion and peace

 Out of the flames of scrutiny
We rise to proclaim our faith
With hope to heal a fractured and hurting world

 Out of the flames of doubt
We rise to embrace the mystery, wonder and awe
of all there is and all that is yet to be

 Out of the flames of hate
We rise with the force of love
Love that celebrates our shared humanity

Out of the flames we rise

Opening Hymn  “Enter Rejoice and Come In” (Louise Ruspini)

 Enter, rejoice, and come in.
Enter, rejoice, and come in.
Today will be a joyful day;
enter, rejoice, and come in.

 Open your ears to the song…

Open your hearts ev’ryone…

 Don’t be afraid of some change…

Enter, rejoice, and come in…

RE Highlights Reel 2020

Reflection (Gina Cempellone)

Music  “Seven Principles Song” (Performed by the UUS:E Children’s Choir)

Joys and Concerns


For the months of June and July, UUS:E’s regular community outreach offering will be dedicated to a variety of organizations working to address the problem of food insecurity in the greater Manchester area. These organizations include the Manchester Area Conference of Churches, the Hockanum Valley Community Council Food Pantry and the East of the River Mutual Aid Society’s “Fill the Fridge” Program. As a supplement to our fundraising, the UUS:E Social Justice / Anti-Oppression Committee will be organizing food / supply drives. Watch our regular eblast for more information.

Offering Music “This Little Light of Mine” (African American spiritual) (Performed by Anya Stolzman)

Let’s Play!  “UU Trivia Game” & “Improvs with Mary”

Musical Interlude (Mary Bopp)

Recognition & Gratitude (Gina)

Reflection (Rev. Josh Pawelek)

Closing Hymn   “We Give Thanks” (Wendy Luella Perkins)

Oh, we give thanks, for this precious day

For all gathered here, and those far away

For this time we share, with love and care

Oh we give thanks for the precious day.

Extinguishing the Chalice

Closing Circle

Coffee Hour / Chat / Breakout Groups